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For the world's most liveable indoors...
Melbournetsyle Melbournetsyle eureka coasters
EUREKA STAR COASTERS - a lttle rebellion goes a long way
$65 for 4set; $95 for 6set
TEA CUP AND SAUCER OTTOMAN - upholstered in Tea Cup and Saucer fabric. $750 ONE ONLY TEA CUP AND SAUCER OTTOMAN - truly a conversation piece.
PANTON CHAIRS --Set of six $820
SCRIBBLE MIRRORS - It's the missing bits that make it so good to look at.... ROOLAMPS - Made by Melbournestyle. 870mm high $695. Ask about custom fabric shades. JAIME HAYON SHOWTIME CHAIR-
one only, Black with white leather new $8500
THE MELBOURNE CUSHIONS - by Melbournestyle. Lean back on the GPO, snuggle up with the Shrine, or pass out on the steps of the St Paul's. There's a place for everyone here in our new Melbourne Cushions Collection. SEE THEM ALL HERE GRAPELIGHTS - Team perfectly with a comfy sofa and a cheeky tempranillo, a spicy nebriolo or just a jaunty sauvignon blanc. And you of course. Get a glow about you... SORRY SOLD OUT
SLEEK SIDETABLE - HIGH gloss laquer White SideTable - perfect for a hallway, as a sofa table, or even as a laptop desk - so chic. $395 TEAK-look SIDETABLE - also in this gorgeous wood laminate - so danish delish. ONLY $395

ROOLAMPS - Made by Melbournestyle. 870mm high $695. SOLD OUT::POA. BUILDING SCULPTURES - POA - 600 cm wide. Made to order. In foamboard or matte black acrylic from $250. Get some outdoors indoors. Available in a dozen different buildings...See more designs ... HERE
ARMCHAIRS - SOLD OUT ...beautifully tailored and brand spanking new. TAIKA OWL DESIGN BOWL - A deep 2.8L bowl decorated by Klaus Happaneimi in delicate folk-art style. $180
YELLOW PORCELAIN - Great on the deck, all-weather stool or side table. NEON FUR THROW & CUSHIONS - SOLD OUT Get luxurious in an old-world/new colour kinda way
NOW SCREENING: BANKSIA SCREEN - 2.1m high, 45cm wide panels, in white enameld with black 'flocked velvet' banksia design. Original design. Designed and made by Lex Ridgeway and Maree Coote for Melbournestyle.
FLINDERS STREET STATION, St PAul's Cathedral, Le Louvre & The Gothic Bank.More designs HERE
THE MELBOURNE PLACEMATS - Here's how to dine in the best addresses in Melbourne without leaving home. Stylish extra-large placemat featuring Melbourne's finest buildings, $15 each. Matching coasters HERE THE MELBOURNE PLATTERS - and a range of muted colours in frosted matte acrylic. Designed and handmade by Maree Coote for Melbournestyle.$220 THE G'DAY COASTERS - Perfect protection for your table surfaces or just eliminate the jarring clang! of glass-on-glass at the coffee table. MORE HERE$35
BANKSIA TRIVITS - Beautify your yable, your sideboard, your coffee table. Use as a trivit or coaster under a vase or dish, use as a centrepiece or decoration.$55 each. Made to order. BANKSIA TRIVITS - Inspired by a coastal holiday, here in black frost acrylic $55 each. Made to order. PINWHEEL COASTERS- this time larger - good for large glasses and vases. This time in flexi plaz 2 sided -available in white/black OR red/black. Made to order, Set of 4 $55
TRAM STACK Coasters - The great Tramway Union Strike of Jan/Feb 1990 saw Melbourne's CBD grid jammed with end to end trams in protest against the elimination of conductors. The protest lasted for a month, but sadly, still no connies. Laser-cut acrylic. $65 NEW! MELBOURNESTYLE TEATOWELS - Melbournestyle's own design, the Melbourne Buildings. Cleaning up all over Melbourne. $32 NEW! MELBOURNESTYLE TEATOWELS -They look just as nice folded up!! $32
TARTAN PLATTER - 40cm diameter, by French Bull. Enormous. $39.95 TARTAN SERVERS- who knew the clans were so funky. $25 ZIGZAG PLATTER - Not Missoni, but nearly. Veeerrry nice. 40cm diameter. $39.95
THE MELBOURNE PLATTERS - this time in frosted shark-grey. Handmade in Melbourne $220 PANTONE - Espresso. Set of 6 blues $95 THE MELBOURNE CUPS - $55 each. SEE MORE DESIGNS HERE
THE MELBOURNE EGGS, complete with Antipodean Crest. Handmade, engraved acrylic $65 THE MELBOURNE EGGS, etched with Garden State floriana. Handmade, engraved acrylic $65 THE MELBOURNE BUILDINGS etched, featuring Melbourne's iconic architecture. Handmade, engraved acrylic $65
NORITAKE STYLE - Carafe $95 and 6 Highball Tumblers $130 clear or amber NORITAKE STYLE - CARAFE clear or amber RRP $129, our price $95 NORITAKE STYLE - Set of 6 Tumblers... clear or amberRRP $168 our price $130
ORIGO BOWL - Exquisite colour combinations that will lift any tabletop. Designed by Alfredo Haberli.
Medium dish $65 Small dish $49
ORIGO BEAKER - For lovers of colour, the perfect gift. $42 ORIGO EGGCUP - Small, but perfectly formed. $26
MARIBOWL - By Iittala for Marimekko...
NEARLY SOLD OUT Priced by pigment...
BE quick! Last colours only! Gorgeous glass goblet in basic black. $110
ORIGO ORANGE STRIPE BEAKER- Masters of colour. $42 ORIGO BLACK STRIPE BEAKER- Masters of colour. $42
SWEET LITTLE DISHES - for choccies, nuts, anything you fancy. In crystal-clear or sexy black. $15 or set of 6 $90 MARIBOWL - Sweet pink $88 EUREKA STAR COASTERS - Black, gold, silver $65 set of 4 or $95 set of 6
KOALA CHOPSTICK REST - Melbourne designer and ceramicist Shoko makes gorgeous witty handy little tummies $38 KOALA DINNER BELL - just the thing for well-trained koalas. $55 KOALA EGG CUP - ...sooo cuuute! $55
SWIZZLE TWIGS - stir your vodka crush with the ultimate swizzle stick. Black, brown, coral, lime. TWIGS PLACEMAT - Stacks of kindling to get the dinner conversation cooking. Flexible, washable, easy. Unique designs exclusive to melbournestyle. Matching black coasters available. TWIGS - messy stacks of kindling coaster-style. Available in Black flexi-plaz, or as seen here in frosted beer-brown acrylic. Matching swizzlers.
BANKSIA BOOMBOOM, inspired a beachside break on the beautiful ocean road, banksia tabletrees to bring a little outside in... designed by Maree Coote. $168 BANKSIA BOOMBOOM PLATTER ...two-tone textured plastic, engraved with striking banksia design. Handmade, engraved design. $595 BANKSIA BOOMBOOM GLASS...two sizes, etched glassware unique to Melbournestyle. $50
BANKSIA BOOM... ...two-tone textured plastic, engraved with striking banksia design. Handmade, engraved design. $595 BANKSIA COASTERS white on black or black on white. Handmade engraved design. $165 for 6 BANKSIA TRIVET...centrepiece table stand for dishes, vases, candlesticks etc. Intricate laser cut design $155 each.
ONCE UPON A TIME - In winter, in Melbourne, we read. And so, we need storytime coasters for our cuppa. CANDLEABRA. Talk about energy savings - no need to even light these candles. Flickering fabulous red acrylic - make a Christmas table to remember. LOOPY PLACEMAT & COASTER SET- Loopyfloral, just the thing for the deck in summer. Flexible, washable, too cool. Unique designs all exclusive to melbournestyle.
CHAIRS COASTERS - Sleek and glossy mirror-smooth finish for that chic, architectural environment. UP LATE, BALL BOYS? The Aussie Open is on again, so pop your coldie on an eye-popping flouro tennis ball coaster. GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT while they drink... a few perennial concepts and lofty aspirations to keep them centred. Also avail in the Seven Deadly Sins, but we won't go there.
LOOPY DOILY . Lacy flexi plaz, and just the thing for girly girls, wedding decos, botanical funk, and interrupting minimalist surfaces.... We think we should have shot it on black, but too late now... DOTTY ROOS PLATTER - And coaster sets to match. A mob of real cute roos bouncin' 'round the table. INDIGENOUS GROOVE . Original designs exclusive to melbournestyle.
ELMER POD COASTERS - Reflect on something beuatiful over a drink or two. Unique - made by melbournestyle. Of course they compliement the Elmerpod Mirror MONSTERIA PLACEMAT & COASTER SET - Sleek, shiny & chic. When Melbourne's weather turns tropical, (for 10 minutes) you're ready. Also in eye-popping flouro. CORAL RED SWIZZLE STIX - Shiny plaz. For a very smart Vodka martini
MELBOURNE SKETCHES COATERS. Engraved coasters in black and white plastic. CAT PLACEMAT & COASTER SET - Melbourne Moggies Motif. Coasters available in sets of 4, 6 or individually. Unique designs, all exclusive to melbournestyle. LIFE'S LITTLE MESSAGES - (aka Sex sells, Mud Sticks, Time flies...)- succinct and pithy notions to quench your thirst by. And remember - Art Works.
AUSTRALIAN SERIES - Artworks to lift your spirits and your walls. SEE more in this series
MELBOURNE PRINTS SERIES - Artworks to lift your spirits and your walls. Native Australian flora and fauna, dozens of works by Maree Coote. SEE more by this artist PICASSO TAPESTRY - Magnificent. about 1m x 500mm, use as a throw or a wall tapestry.
JAMIE HAYON SHOWTIME - 'This collection exhibits passion for finding ways where things that are not supposed to match coexist in elegance.' ... as they say in Spain. Exclusive to melbournestyle! JAMIE HAYON SHOWTIME CHAIR - 'Inspired by classical MGM musicals. Very innovative material combinations like fibreglass, wood, ceramic, plastic and leather were used to create this unique collection.'... Exciting design, exquisite manufacture. POA JAMIE HAYON SHOWTIME VASES - 'The concepts behind these pieces explore the contrast between what is external and internal. A combination between organic and classic forms.' - We just love them!
THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS -Double the size of your room with this unique giant mirror. 2500cmx1750cm. Designed & made by Lex Ridgeway for Melbournestyle.
SELECTED MIRRORS. Styles change as we buy and sell. Great styles, only one or two or each. BODONI MIRROR - interrupt a wall with an organic mirror shape. Also availabloe in bronze mirror. Designed and made by Melbournestyle.
BLACK BAMBOO -Woven rattan 3 drawer cabinet with bamboo frame and handles. Also available in brown. BAMBOO VOODOO - Fab forks of glossy black bamboo - also avail in glossy red. SECHZUAN SITDOWN. Also in glossy lacquer chinese dragon red...
OWL SHADOWBOX - by M.Coote, and other crisp black and white cutpaper artworks. Designed and made by Melbournestyle.See the full collection HERE
BODONI BRONZE. In metallic bronze mirror acylic. Designed and made by Melbournestyle.
PORCELAIN STOOLS. In metallic gold and silver, gloss white, or stone-matte black or white. Indoors or out, sooo cool.
ZEBRA RUG - Cowhide, printed in zeb design. Looks fabulous in any classical, trad, moderne, minimal, arty, corporate interior. BLACK VELVET - At last! the chair we've been trying to bring you for months. Luxurious, generous and beautifully made. We had to wait for quality. SORRY SOLD OUT MORE BLACK VELVET - this time even more elegant - if that's possible - with no arms, and a curved side profile. Also available in copper and dusty blue pearl velvet. SORRY SOLD OUT
BLACK BUTTERLIES LIGHT - Lacy, lingerie-like pendant light, a-buzz with butterflies and dewdrop gems. All lights exclusive to melbournestyle, handmade and limited edition.Designed and made by Melbournestyle. All lights by GARDENSTATE gifts. Designed and hand-crafted by Maree Coote, this messy stack of twigs invokes the spirit of winter... Designed and made by Melbournestyle.
PIRATESHIP LIGHT - A Boys Own Adventure - Convict ghost ship, inspired by and designed for Robert's 9th birthday. Custom designed children's decor by arrangement. Designed and made by Melbournestyle. REDGUM LIGHT - stylised Australiana, comes in pendant 'chandelier' or table-top lamp style. SHIRAZ chandelier- black grapes, vine leaves and curling tendrils...Designed and made by Melbournestyle.
SHIRAZ chandelier- black grapes, vine leaves and curling tendrils...Designed and made by Melbournestyle.
BUTTERFLY MIRROR - or gumnut mirror, daisy mirror, loopy-lou, twigstack, dragon fly... Can't you just see yourself?Designed and made by Melbournestyle. BODONI MIRROR - interrupt a wall with an organic mirror shape. Also availabloe in bronze mirror. Designed and made by Melbournestyle.
ELMER POD MIRROR. Bring those Melbourne plane treesinside this winter, pods 'n all. Designed and made by Melbournestyle.
TABLE TREES. Unusual and striking way to excite your next dinner table. Domestic sculpture that doubles as a funky Christmas tree next December... Designed and made by Melbournestyle. BIG RED / GREY BOOMERS and their BABY BOOMERS - Hopping mad that you don't have one yet? Designed and made by Melbournestyle.
CERAMIC INSANITIES - meet the gorgeous ones, all the way from the USA. Handmade by Robin Van Valkenburg, imaginateur extraordinaire. TABLE TREES. A great way decorate a table for a special occasion. Or merely lovely domestic sculpture. It's all up to you. Designed and made by Melbournestyle. CAT & FISH CANDLESTICKS- Look great on a dining table in a pair or solo. Meow. Designed and made by Melbournestyle.