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To the women of Melbourne, who, despite so many seasons in a day, continue to be
a remarkably discerning, creative and stylish bunch of birds.

NEW! 2022
A Guide to the Invisible statues of Melbourne.

A history of Melbourne told through the lives of some 50 women who built the culture, commerce and community of this city. Includes women of politics, art, entertainent, business, science, food, fashion and more. From Germaine to Panda, from Mietta to Magda, from Vida to Vali. Most have been labelled 'difficult'. All have been denied a public statue. Each is a pioneer and giant of history.

See the book HERE


Melbournestyle's own not-for-profit entity dedicated to the support of local grass-roots women's oranisations. Proud sponsor of Young UN Women Australia 2009-2015), and Women's Melbourne Network (WMN - recently affiliated with the YWCA). Melbournestyle aims to support the health, well-being and creative lives of Melbourne's women and girls.

LOVE MELBOURNE PENDANT - Mirror acrylic MELB with a heart, on leather thong. TRAM PENDANT - Mirror acrylic on leather thong. And you can check your lippy in the reflection. Or spy on people in the tram. TRAM BROOCH - Might confuse the ticket inspectors... worth a try.
melbournestyle melbournestyle
Cross-body bags. Sling a splash of colour and style across your You, in the perfect shades for summer PLUS silver and gold. $110! CUFFED and BAGGED. Match your cuff and bag, or contrast. Melburnians love black - but what a great accent is luxury leather in technicolour yellow. LARGER foldover clutch with gorgeous tassle and optional strap, gold silber black all lines with orange suede. Soooo soft and dreamy. $175
melbournestyle melbournestyle melbournestyle
CLUTCHING - Silver, gold and rose gold. CLUTCHING - Combo textures. CLUTCHING - Snazzy black and white.
Thinking of turning right from the centre? No, no... keep left, and stay in the safety zone. And if it's all too much, remember the cryptic Melburnian credo: Trams Only End.
Street parahernalia in engraved laminate on a silver chain, by Maree Coote
Handmade by Melbournestyle
LOGIE TIME IN MELBOURNE TOWN - This is soooo unexpected... OmiGod. This is not for me - it's for the whole cast and crew - guys - you know who you are. And I'd just like to thank... (yada yada yada blah blah) - Gold Logie available as Brooch or fridge magnet... LOVEHEART LOLLIES - "I Love You, Be Mine, Kiss Me, You're Fab, More Please, Marry Me, Melb Lover". The delicious legacy of Melbourne's own Willy Wonka, Mac.Robertson himself.
MELB - Simple mirror acrylic pendant, this one heartless. MELB CUFF - Plain metal cuff $40 or acrylic typographic design cuff $65. MELB CUFF -or wear the metal and the acrylic together.
CUFF AMULET. Gorgeous licorice black- gloss and matte. Lots of different designs, and other colours in store. RED BANKSIA CUFF- Inspired by Melbournestyle's own Banksia Boom Boom design series. LEAFY CUFF - Botanical beauties for the garden state.
BUILDINGS CUFFS. Gorgeous licorice black -gloss and matte. Lots of different buildoing designs instore. TRAM CUFF. A Melbourne tram, always on hand. All cuffs made in Melbourne and exclusive to Melbournestyle. BLACK BANKSIA CUFF. Black and graphic, more botanical beauties for the garden state.
MOHINI - white leather loopy flower ring. MOHINI - Black loopy leather and sterling silver gumnut flower earrings. EARRINGS - always great styles instore...
MELBOURNESTYLE SCARVES. Huge 97x97 square and 100% pure silk. This one lists the darlings divas and famous daughters of the city. Pure luxury - See them all here BIG BLACK BANKSIA RINGS. A real handful, designed and handmade in Melbourne by Maree Coote. Also available in lemon and firecracker red. These double as a great scarf loop. THE MELBOURNE SCARVES. This time, the Melbourne Buildings Scarf. See them all here
EARRINGS - always great earrings, rose gold, gold, silver... BIG BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL.Graphic shapes in statement jewellery pieces, all designed by/ made by/exclusive to Melbournestyle. PATENT CUFF and PYRAMID RING- CCSkye again...Don't miss out.
CUSHIONS, Melbournestyle. See the full range HERE HORN RINGS. Plain or two-tome, giant summer style BEADED BAUBLES. Rediscover your inner Hippie this summer with this gorgeous range of delicate beads.
POWER RING and BLOSSOM RING. Decomania is here, melbournestyle.
Just the thing to wear to the Manchester Unity Building...
BIG BLACK BANKSIA EARRINGS. It's statement time in the jewellery stakes. NECKLACE reminiscent of tribal totems. PUFF THE MAGIC BAG. Just long enough in the strap to put on your shoulder, gorgeous little evening bags, beautifully lined, designed in Melbourne by Kathryn Baulch.
DECO BANGLES - CCSkye is chic, spangly and great dressed up or down. SOPHISTI- CUFF! Aussie designers crash paste and precious together, creating riotous luxury and heavy metal magic. Studded with Schwarovski crystals - full range in store now. EARRINGS - always lots of lovely styles in store.
CCSKYE MAC CUFF - All the way from LA. Black leather, gold detail.
Understated, versatile and very sharp.
BARDOT CUFF. Just in from CCSkye - Serious, sexy, sophisticated bling. Wear anywhere/anytime pieces. ...And gold
IMPOSSIBLE LOVE AFFAIR- Neddie! and Nellie! pine for each other across the decades - Star-crossed superstars separated by time, class, idealogy, career, age, money, politics... Nothing in common at all really. CINDERELLA CAMEOS - a wrist-hugging cuff trimmed in black satin ribbon. BUTTERFLY NECKLACE - Looks great with a tan - a big hit with the girls of Melbourne.
BANKSIA PENDANT- Glossy red lacquer in spider thin delicate design, strung on black satin ribbon. Unique to melbournestyle. GEO-METRO-CHIC - for the Uber-linear stylist. Architectural strokes in black and white... Very smart. MELBA'S EARRINGS - Nothing is too extravagant for this gal. Striking yet delicate, flamboyant yet complex: just like Dame Nellie really...
GARDENSTATE GORGEOUS, unique leather accessories made by melbournestyle. Wear it on your wrist, upper arm, or as a choker. See more LEATHER WRIST TIES - Single blooms. Also look great on the upper arm, or the ankle. Great with a tan... SILVER LEATHER DAISY CHAIN - it's the weather for leather...
GARDENSTATE- Gorgeous garden state-inspired floral fashion. Unique and exclusive to melbournestyle. LEATHERCHOKER - available as short choker ; waist-length-multi-flowered-daisy-chain hippie lariat ; wrist tie... All different, all unique and hand made in melbourne by gardenstate gifts only for melbournestyle.
TRAM RINGS - in memory of the way trams used to be... Conductors, real bells, and the ideal travel speed... MONEY, ART, SEX & STYLE - get the lot the easy way in flashy plaz. LOVE - to counter balance the afore-mentioned.